Dental surgery by Satelec®

Benefiting from our experience in the medical field, SATELEC has developed a full range of specialist generators for surgery :

- Implant Center 2

- Piezotome Solo

- Piezotome 2

- Piezotome

- Servotome

Pioneers in the field of piezoelectric ultrasonic generators for dental use, we can now address all :

- Pre-implant,

- Implant,

- Oral surgery treatments.

Ergonomic, intuitive and efficient, our generators were designed to offer maximum dexterity and precision.

For many years now it has been our policy to develop reliable, innovative and atraumatic surgical procedures under the expert guidance of international specialists.



SATELEC® invented in 1972 the first piezoelectric ultrasonic generator for dental use. Launched in 2005 in Europe, the Piezotome is the result of our experience, combined with the expert guidance of clinicians.

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