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Benefits Steril spray

The modulated piezo signal (alternation between high and low amplitudes of signal) allows tissue relaxation and optimal cell repair for a clean cut and better healing.

The sterile spray helps to cool the tips (thus avoiding tissue damage from exposure to high temperatures) and provides excellent visibility of the operating field.

Selective cut

The modulated signal allows preservation of soft tissue and delicate anatomical components (nerves, arteries and mucous membranes …).

Precise cut

The tips' slimness enables a very precise cut, promoting bone preservation.

Fast healing and reduced post-operative pain

The use of piezoelectric instruments reduces trauma. With no intraosseous temperature increase, the necrosis risk is limited.

Hemostatic effect

Irrigation with the Piezotome handpiece has a hemostatic effect on the cut surfaces, thanks to cavitation and in part to the production of nascent oxygen.


The piezoelectric effect creates a regular movement without extraneous vibrations.

Piezotome clinical booklet
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