Newtron Perio Kit

For complete and qualitative periodontal debridement.

Newtron Paro Kit

The tips (H3, H4L/R) used with a push
stroke without scraping are designed for :
- sub-gingival scaling,
- non-surgical treatment of deep
and narrow pockets (>4-6mm),
- open treatments (flap surgery).

Ref: F87321

Diamond-coated tips (H1, H2L/R), used in the second step, are designed to remove calculus from very narrow inter-root spaces and furcations. They are used with very low pressure and are also recommended for the debridement of periodontal abscesses and for odontoplasty during non-surgical treatment.



- Effortless,
- Fast and easy to use,
- Bacteriostatic effect (cavitation),
- Thin tips, adapted to the anatomical context.

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