Essential Kit

The 6 fondamental SATELEC® tips.

Essential Kit

With the “Essential” kit including 6 tips,
5 surgeries can be performed.

Piezotome 2 / Piezotome Solo / Implant Center 2 : Ref. F87528

BS 1 Slim F87525 Osteotomy, Piezocision (surgical orthodontics)
BS4 F87504 Osteoplasty
LC2 F87542 Extraction
SL1 F87511 Sinus Lift
SL2 F87512
SL3 F87513



- Access to various surgeries,
- Fast and less invasive surgeries,
- Extremely precise and robust tips,
- Cutting selectivity*.

*Limiting the risk of soft tissue lesion.

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